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Partytent gazebo

The Partyspace folding tent is the ideal tent for creating additional space quickly. In sizes 3x3m to 4x8m it can be set up in less than 60 seconds without extra tools. The tents can simply be attached to each other so that you expand your surface area without limits.

Party tent gazebo

Look at our pictures to believe it. The frame of the folding tent opens and closes like an accordeon.

gazebo party tent

The principle has existed for over 10 years but over the years we have continually developed and improved based on the experience we have gained. For large orders we can complete the tents to meet your needs and produce under your brand. The accompanying side panels consist of high quality polyester, which is fire retardant and 100 percent waterproof.


Folding tent 3x3m

Dimensions folded: 158x29x29


Party tent 3x4,5m

Dimensions folded: 158x42x29


Party tent 3x6m

Dimensions folded: 158x53x29


Folding tent 4x4m

Dimensions folded: 203x29x29


Folding tent 4x8m

Dimensions folded: 203x53x29


Party tent 6m

Dimensions folded: 203x29x29

Properties of a party tent, folding tent

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The frame of our folding tent is the strongest on the market.

Unlike the competition, we have chosen to use only one type of frame for our folding tents, which is the best and strongest on the market. We do not want to offer cheaper and less quality tents because you will never be 100% happy with it.

Properties of our folding tent frame:

• Corner poles and top poles are square, anodised aluminium pipes of 40x40mm, wall thickness 2 mm, no pipes made of inferior steel (can rust) or coated aluminium (paint can become damaged). Corner poles reinforced inside, which ensures that a 40x40mm pipe is stronger and can be folded up more compactly than a 50mm hexagonal pipe.

• The shearing parts are rectangular anodised aluminium pipes of 32x16mm, wall thickness 2mm.

• All cross-bonds are made of aluminium, no inferior PVC or fibreglass parts that retain their shape better and less inclined to break when it is cold or hot.

Frame party tent

• Blocking system consisting of a pin with a heavy-duty ring, light key-ring rings do not last long. The pin is furthermore far more durable than a button.

Frame folding tent

• Rubber protection on top of the poles to protect the canvas roof both during use and during transport.

Folding tent frame

• Plastic protective cover on the top poles and canvas roof with double protection and a pulling cord for securing.

Party tent frame

• Feet of the corner poles have holes for fixing in the ground or floor.

• No sharp corners on the cross-bonds that can damage the canvas roof.

• All visible the parts have the same colour as the canvas roof, including the Velcro, click fasteners and zippers.

• The canvas roof has a 5cm-wide band of Velcro all the way around for attaching the side panels and gutters. The canvas roof is double-layered at the corners and where it touches the frame for additional protection.

• All the screws, nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel, not of galvanised steel which rusts.

tent tent tent
party-tent tent tent



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