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Floor sticker - Floor graphics - scratch resistant film

3m floor sticker scratch resistant
Arrow floor sticker, scratch resistant in high traffic areas up to 6 months.

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Turn floor space into selling space with floor sticker

Look up? How about look down, where you’ll see a growing number of Arrow floor graphics being used.

Floor vinyl is scratch resistant, removable and easy to replace for. We can cleverly incorporate the currently unused floor space of your business to sell and promote featured products. The obvious choices for floor graphics are supermarket and food related businesses, where space is limited. Fancy designs and bright colors catch the eye and project an idea or solution in an unlikely place.

Floor graphics are high in durability and can even be used outdoors on surfaces traditionally not seen as signage. Floor signs resist tearing, scuffing and many abrasive forces. We have created temporary event floor graphics, directional floor graphics, safety floor vinyl, parking floor vinyl and special advertising campaigns.

We guarantee the scratch resistance for a period of 6 months.

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maximum width: 1.27m

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