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Requirements of your image file:

File format

We accept many different file formats. .AI, .PSD, .CDR. .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, .EPS and .PDF. After receiving the file the color profile (CMYK or RGB) is checked and then exported to .JPG* format or if it's for laser cutting or decal cutting a Vector file is preferred, if a vector file is not available we can help you make one.

*) print tests show no difference between JPG and Tiff files.

File format for Print & Cut and laser cutting.

For print & cut, decal cutting and laser cutting a vector file is needed or an image with a vector outline.

Sending your file

By email we can receive up to 20Mb.
Also Skype is a convenient way of sending large files. With skype the size is basically unlimited.

skype names: insacnet or huyenvinpearl1


What is a vector file?

According to Wikipedia: “Vector graphics files store the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image as mathematical formulae.” They are also known as EPS files.

what is a vector file

Above images shows on the left a vector file, on the right an image file. When zooming in on the left file the lines stay perfectly sharp while zooming in on the right image the individual pixels become visible.

Tip: ask your design company for a vector file of your logo.

Have you heard of Adobe Illustrator? It’s the way to do it.

A vector graphics program (like Adobe Illustrator) uses these mathematical formulae to construct the screen image, building the best quality image possible. The mathematical formulae determine where the dots that make up the image should be placed for the best results when displaying the image.

Should you care about resizing your logo? Yes, all logos can be on a billboard.

Since these formulae can produce an image scalable to any size and detail, the quality of the vector image is limited only by the resolution of the display. The file size of vector data generating the image stays the same.” For example, printing vector images on paper will usually give a sharper, higher resolution output than displaying them on a screen, but they use exactly the same vector data file.

Why Should I have my Logo in Vector Format?

What if I have a logo but it is not Vector?

In most cases we can trace and recreate your existing logo in vector format.  Typically we can recreate a logo in 1 to 2 hours of work.


To print an image at the right resolution it's important to know the quality of the original file.

For example a picture is made with a 10Mega pixel camera, and the resolution is 3872x2592 pixels.
File size Resolution Recommended resolution for printing
33x22cm 300DPI don't change
150x100cm 65DPI increase to 150DPI
300x200cm 32DPI increase to 72DPI


Increasing to a much higher resolution than the original file doesn't make much difference in print quality.

When saving the file in Photoshop save as a JPG and move 'Quality' to Maximum.

Tip: To avoid mistakes it’s good to use a revision number in the file name every time the file is changed (instead of using Final)
For example: decal-matte-3000x1500mm-0-1.jpg

Colour space ICC, use RGB or CMYK?


A camera always uses a RGB sensor to make pictures. So the When an image is converted before printing to CMYK instead of keeping RGB the colors look different. Blue skies become purple and faces look more red.

For the follwing files use the settings:

- Images - use RGB
- Graphic design - use CMYK
- Both images and graphic design - depends what's more important, for beauty products use RGB for a company what want it's logo in the exact Pantone color use CMYK.RGB-CMYK

It is often the case that the representations on a monitor and the print results do not match exactly. This may be caused by the monitor being too bright, not having the correct calibration or profile, or insufficient hardware.

To ensure the best possible likeness between the monitor representation and the print result, it is necessary to calibrate the monitor correctly.





How to download high resolution pictures

Quite often we receive a 100kb file while the same file is available at high resolution on the web. To get the highest resolution images online, follow below instructions.

1. On Google.com/images use the right keyword, e.g.. Oscar award.
2. Click Images
3. Click Search tools
4. Click Size
5. Click Larger than...
6. Start with a high resolution e.g. 4 Megapixel , if you can't find the right picture select a lower value.

Select an image. Note; when moving the mouse over the pictures the resolution appears, the higher the better.

The images appears slightly large but isn't at full resolution yet. Click 'View Image' on the right

The images opens in a new screen. Here the image is at it's full resolution. Right mouse click and 'Save image as..'

How to find a better quality image of the image you already have.

Go to google.com/images and select 'Search by Image'


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