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Large format poster banner printing

We offer a wide range of printing media for all kinds of applications with and without adhesive surface. Media with adhesive on the backside can be laminated onto different materials; PVC, foamex, acrylic, directly onto the wall, etc. 
With a maximum print capacity of 600m²/day we are able to finish large orders in a short time.
Most of the printing is finished with a matte or glossy film to make the print water resistant, this gives an outstanding look. We print with both waterbase and oil base ink, the oil base ink has the advantage that the print is UV resistant for at least a year in the hot Vietnamese sun.
All our printers are color calibrated, and to make sure authentic colors are printed, soft proofing is recommended calibrating monitor colors.

Below a few of the most common printing materials for large format printing.

PP PVC printing

backlite printingPP paper (Polypropylene Synthetic Paper) is asynthetic paper used for inkjet printing, and is the most used printing media indoor.There is also a PP paper available which can be used long term outdoor; however Vinyl ismore common for outdoor use.
PP is available with and without adhesive layer.  PP with adhesive is usually laminated onto PVC foam sheet also known as Forex and Foamex. PVC foam sheet is available in thicknesses of 2,3, 5, 10 and 19mm.  This is used to stick directly onto the wall, product display or as product label. read more


Backlit printing backlite printing

Backlit film is a high translucent polyester film with a high gloss surface. Backlit film has a high light transmission and is used for application where usually a light is placed behind the print. read more





Transparent vinyltransparent decal


Transparent window sticker / Transparent Decal
Transparent Decals have a variety of uses they can be printed with logos, instructions, contact information, even menus, then placed in store windows for customers to see. They can be used in place of nameplates on office doors and as advertising on cars. read more



Hiflex banner printingtransparent decal

Tarp printing (hiflex) is mostly used for outdoor banners. Tarp is a strong material and can be stretched around a steel frame. besides tarp is used for many other applications like large parasol, sunshades, street banners, light boxes etc. read more




Sublimation printing flags, banners, clothing

feather flag sublimation printing in áo toàn thân

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a printing method for transferring images onto a polyester fabric. Sublimation refers to a process where a substance moves from a solid to a gas state without ever being in a liquid state. The ink is printed onto a transfer paper or fabric whereafter it goes through a heating unit running the inks through a heat press making the colors "POP". The polyester fibers open up at high temperatures allowing the gas (formerly the ink) to sublimate into them, the fibers actually become the color. The printed fabric can be washed or ironed without color fading. read more


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Indoor printing
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Outdoor/sticker printing
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Canvas printing
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Tarp printing
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Sticker printing and cutting
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Standees / rollup banners
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POSM Point-Of-Sale-Material