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All kinds of X banner stands

X Tripod banner stand Korea (Economy)

X Tripod banner stand Korea (Economy)

Material: Steel leg, ABS connector
Dimensions: 60cm*160cm; 80cm*180cm
Bag: black


Price including printing:
60x160cm 170.000 Đ
80x180cm 220.000

Small table stand X

Small table stand X
Table standee

Material: Aluminum frame with plastic connector.
Dimensions: 25cm*40cm

Price including printing: 80.000 Đ



Banner stand / standee X blue

Banner stand / standee X blueBanner standee X

Material: Aluminum / ABS
Dimensions: 60cm*160cm or 80cm*180cm

Price including printing: 350.000 Đ

Premium X banner swivel stand

Premium X banner swivel standMaterial: aluminum ABS
Dimensions: Adjustable to different banner sizes between 60cm*160cm and 80cm*200cm.
Bag: Blue

Price including PP printing:
500.000 Đ (high quality)

(See full size image premium banner swivel stand)

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